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Comprehensive logistics

IMD Spedycja is a modern logistics company providing superior, comprehensive services of road logistics. Covering local Polish, European, and global markets, we offer our clients global reach and highest quality of transport for their products. Reach further with us!

Global reach
With a headquarters in central Europe, we have an easy access to markets on the whole continent. We don’t limit ourselves only to Polish and European markets, offering our clients transport and logistics services all over the world. Thanks to that, our clients’ products can become globally known, reaching various countries.

s2022 1Unloading sideways
or backwards to the ramp.

s2022 1The warehouse is located in a fenced area
with 24/7 security.

s2022 1Parking for 10 trucks in the parking lot.

s2022 1Qualified
and experienced staff.

s2022 1Forklift with a capacity
of 3 tons.

Our own car fleet enables us to quickly deliver to our customers.We have a warehouse with a capacity of 1000 m2

Advanced express offer
Our team of young, ambitious, and enthusiastic people makes sure each transport is delivered on time and services provided are on the highest, supreme level. We offer various domestic and international logistics services to different sectors, such as groupage transport, full truckload transport, shipping, and express transport.
World class logistics
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 groupage transport

groupage transport

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The groupage transport service makes it possible to use the form of transport by sharing the cargo space with other recipients of the same transport service.
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International spedition

International spedition

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As part of shipping services, both domestic and international, we provide all services related to the managing and organization of transport, tailored to the individual needs of the client.
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 full truckload transport

full truckload transport

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full truckloadtransport
The full truckload transport service is the transport of goods which, due to customer’s requirements or the specificity of loading, is performed by a dedicated means of transport.
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Express transport

Express transport

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The express transport service enables the delivery of goods with an urgent unloading date, ensuring that it is met even in a crisis situation.
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ikona testModern fleet
While providing transport and shipping services, we rely only on modern fleet that is reliable even in long routes and ensures no surprises happen on the road concerning vehicles’ exploitation, which would put in danger delivering on time. Vehicles composing our modern fleet are also adjusted to transport of various goods.
ikona testCarefully selected drivers
Modern fleet alone won’t do the job, if it wasn’t for drivers of impeccable skills. For our employees we carefully select drivers, trusting only those who can prove their experience, have excellent skills and are as determined as we to provide shipment on time, in faultless manner, and all goods without any damage.

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